2024 Agenda

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Chair’s Opening Remarks


FIRESIDE: TRENDS SPOTTING - the future landscape of brand experience

  • From a “cherry on top” to a central model. Will the future verify the pivotal role of experiential marketing and shift management's outlook on its role?
  • The role of social amplification and how to make the best of it?
  • What traditional B2B events can learn from B2C?
  • How to attract talents and help them to thrive?
  • What will be the role of AI and new technological development in experiential marketing?


PRESENTATION: KNOW YOUR TRIBE - discovering your audience and building meaningful connections

  • How to leverage your audience knowledge and data for key business decisions? 
  • Strategies for creating unparalleled and captivating experiences that deeply resonate with local consumers 
  • Gen Z - how to attract them? 
  • How to overcome the problem of data fragmentation? 
  • How personalisation and inclusion can increase brand loyalty?


FIRESIDE: INFLUENCER - powerful tool to boost social amplification

  • How can a brand identify an influencer who perfectly aligns with its values and appeals to its audience? 
  • What level of creative freedom should a brand offer to an influencer?
  • What are the most effective approaches and techniques for collaborating with influencers?
  • What methods can be used to track brand campaign results and measure ROI?


PANEL: BEHIND -THE- SCENES - from creating ideas to running a show

  • What are the new trends in experiential events production? 
  • What innovations and technologies can help to achieve campaign goals? 
  • What factors to consider in choosing the right suppliers? 
  • How to make sure your supplies are in line with your brand values, reliable, and deliver projects on time and within budget?
  • Utilising behind-the-scenes content for your next campaign idea


Networking Break


Case Study Presentation 1: Role of IN-HOUSE agencies in delivering brand messages and what is needed for it to succeed

How restructuring, processes improvements and technology underpin the work In-House agency.


Case Study Presentation 2: How can unique spaces spark creativity and lend ideas to more customer engagements?

  • What omnichannel strategies can be incorporated into the evolving click-and-brick shopping experiences?
  • How can a brand experience be made distinctive through space innovation and technology?


PANEL: COLLABORATION - ways to create the best brand experience

  • Working with partners and agencies: How to create a winning concept that aligns with a brand strategy? 
  • How to present your ideas in the most persuasive way to a client and ensure their confidence in ROI? 
  • What stages are encompassed in the execution of a concept and can effectively drive sales and achieve marketing objectives?
  • Co-creating brand experiences with customers - how does it work? 
  • How collaboration with artists and musicians can create experiences which will work on different levels of perception?


Networking Lunch


FIRESIDE: FUN FOR SENSES - generating positive brand associations and making a memorable impact

  • How to find the “fun” factor for your brand experience campaign and make it memorable?
  • The power of FOMO and suspense when hosting an event
  • What are the means of involving all senses for a long-lasting impression?
  • How important is an agile approach?
  • How do cultural institutions adopt immersive experiences and multi-sensory approaches to effectively engage visitors and guide them on a transformative journey?


PANEL DISCUSSION: MEASURING SUCCESS - revising the measurement model and prioritising impact-driven metrics

  • How can a brand experience campaign measuring methodsbe improved for the future?
  • Exploring the potential for collaboration with brands and agencies to determine what and how to measure
  • Measuring the right things - alternative approaches to define campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) in experiential marketing
  • How to overcome data quality issues and improve visualisation, integration, and interpretation?
  • Using new technology as a valuable measurement tool


Networking Break


CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: SUSTAINABILITY - practical ways to turn the right intentions into reality

  • How crucial sustainable practices have become for brand experiences?
  • Can bringing technology and sustainability together be the way forward?
  • How can brands harness sustainability to retain and attract customers through experiential involvement?
  • Finding the right suppliers which can deliver a brand's sustainability vision
  • Embracing an agile mindset to a strategy implementation


PANEL DISCUSSION: BEING CREATIVE - sharing best practices for delivering unique and memorable experiences

  • Ways to overcome challenges in implementing a brand experience campaign
  • Role and responsibilities of a creative team. What is the process for finding the most suitable talent for a project?
  • Open and proactive communication as a vital ingredient for best performance
  • What is the impact of shared goals and objectives on critical thinking and problem-solving?


Chair’s Closing Comments


Close of Conference